Black Sheep Handspinners Guild

The Black Sheep meet from 11am-3pm on the second Saturday of every month. All events are held at All Saints Church, 347 Ridge Rd., Lansing NY unless otherwise noted.

Next meeting: October 11


Guild News:

A workshop with Beth Smith will be held Nov 1-2, 2014 at the Country Inn and Suites in Cortland. The workshop will be a breed study in which participants will spin wool from 18 breeds of sheep. The will be a maximum of 20 people who can participate. Please contact Marjorie Inana for more information.


The guild has been amassing some papers of educational and historical interest to spinners and fellow guild members. This collection is still a work in progress, but you may view this progress here.

We are on Ravelry! Join the conversation: Black Sheep Handspinners Guild Ravelry Group


Several members of the guild have been meeting recently to find ways of supporting and encouraging new members. As an initial step they have put together this FAQ for new spinners and guild members. If you have any questions, you can contact the guild via the menu to the left or write to


The Black Sheep Handspinners Guild of Ithaca NY, is interested in promoting and continuing the art of handspinning all kinds of fiber.

Member interests range broadly within and beyond handspinning, from fiber plant farming and animal husbandry to dyeing, blending, knitting, crocheting, lace-making, weaving, felting, fly-tying, bow-string construction and beyond.

Anyone with an interest in fiber is welcome to attend meetings. You need not be a member. For more information, including on becoming a member, press the Contact the Guild button.

Happy Spinning!