Black Sheep Handspinners Guild

The Black Sheep meet from 11am-3pm on the second Saturday of every month. All events are held at All Saints Church, 347 Ridge Rd., Lansing NY unless otherwise noted.


Next meeting: May 13 - New Guild Officers


******* Please note that on Saturday, May 13, the workshop AND the regular guild meeting will take place at the All Saints Church.

On Sunday, May 14, the workshop group will meet at the Lansing Community Center. Directions are in the newsletter.



Send email to if you are interested in attending one or both days.

When: May 13 and May 14

Where: Lansing Community Center, 29 Auburn Road, Lansing, NY 14882

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Fee: 1 Day $100 2 days $200


Drafting refers to the way the spinner manipulates or draws out the fiber so twist enters it to create yarn. Different drafting methods produce very different yarns even from the same fiber and different fibers may require different techniques. In this class we will work on drafting techniques that spinners of all skill levels will appreciate including diameter control, understanding twist, drafting for different types of yarn, producing yarn compatible to an existing yarn and finishing techniques

May 14 PLYING:

This class follows and builds on the drafting class. Students learn to use different types of singles in plied yarns. The class begins with basic plying and then moves into more complex types of plying such as spiral, chain, cable, crepe, boucle and core yarns We do as many as time permits Bring To Class: A wheel in working order, lazy kate, and 3 bobbins. If you have a flick or hand carders bring them too.



Guild News:

August 2016 - We received a note from Sue Richardson about the textile tours to the Lesser Sunda Islands:

In May of this year we led our third textile tour around the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia on board the Ombak Putih. It was a great success with more and more weavers and dyers getting involved each time we go there. Three of the twelve cabins are already booked for next year's tour and I'm attaching a mailer which gives more details in case this is of interest to your members. Tour information.


July 2016 - If you are traveling to Quebec this summer, you may want to check out this textile and fiber arts event.


February 2016 - Here is a new web site to explore, and an introductory message from the owners:

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website - Asian Textile Studies – designed for those with a serious interest in traditional hand-woven textiles (see screenshot of Home page below).

We have been working on this material for the last few years and have just uploaded the first pages, which focus on the subject of natural dyeing. Much more content will be added over time. We hope this will be of interest to members of your Guild. Please take a look, and share this among the wider textile community. Click on the link below to explore this new website.

David and Sue Richardson

The guild has been amassing some papers of educational and historical interest to spinners and fellow guild members. This collection is still a work in progress, but you may view this progress here.

We are on Ravelry! Join the conversation: Black Sheep Handspinners Guild Ravelry Group


Several members of the guild have been meeting recently to find ways of supporting and encouraging new members. As an initial step they have put together this FAQ for new spinners and guild members. If you have any questions, you can contact the guild via the menu to the left or write to


The Black Sheep Handspinners Guild of Ithaca NY, is interested in promoting and continuing the art of handspinning all kinds of fiber.

Member interests range broadly within and beyond handspinning, from fiber plant farming and animal husbandry to dyeing, blending, knitting, crocheting, lace-making, weaving, felting, fly-tying, bow-string construction and beyond.

Anyone with an interest in fiber is welcome to attend meetings. You need not be a member. For more information, including on becoming a member, press the Contact the Guild button.

Happy Spinning!